Black Leather Guitar Strap

  • $ 79.00
    This handmade black leather guitar strap is made from 1/8" thick drum dyed vegetable tanned cow hide and has a smooth, glossy finish.  The main strap is made from a single strip of leather with beveled and painted edges.  The main strap is 3" wide and has a slotted end with a smaller strap that is used for adjustment. You may choose to have stitching along the edge with black or white thread or wear it plain.  Made just outside Nashville in Smyrna, TN.
  • Made from 1/8" thick black Drum dyed veg- tanned cow hide
  • A Smoother more Glossy look than our Water Buffalo Straps. These will a bit more time to "break in" but will get a great patina over time.  
  • Made in our Smyrna, TN, USA shop
  • Choose either non-stitched edges (not pictured), or stitched with black or white thread. Red, Hot Pink, Turquoise blue upon special request. Just call or email after ordering.
  • Width is 2 1/2"  with 1" extension strap, length extends
  • Edges are beveled and painted