About us


Buckle and Hide Leather LLC is located in Smyrna, TN and has quickly become one of the Nashville Area's top leather shops. Steve Johnson, the owner and founder has been interested in leather working since his teens. He learned the basics of buying and selling by helping his parents mostly at the Paintsville, KY Livestock and Flea Market.There he learned the basics of  buying and selling leather products. As a teenager, he often used the profits of his sales to buy drum equipment.  In later years, He began selling online and at local craft shows, instead using profits from his drumming gigs to build his leather business.

That was the origin of the current store, Buckle and Hide Leather.  He met his wife, Sharon during this period. Sharon has been sewing since childhood and is also a registered nurse.  Steve has used his knowledge of leather working and Sharon has used her sewing skills, both working together to build the business. 


Our local retail shop has been open since February 2013, the online shop has been open since 2009, with various stages of development. We sell handmade leather belts, cuffs, and wallets as well as a selection of leather apparel, accessories, jewelry and other related items. We have leather vests, riding chaps, leather coats, and riding boots, leather hats, small leather goods, and more.  We also have a selection of handmade leather holsters.  One of our most popular local services is patch sewing- we have a large selection of patches available, over 500 different designs. We employ a few part time helpers as well as another full time employee. Social Media includes a Facebook page as well as Instagram and Pinterest.

Email: bucklehideleather@yahoo.com, Shop phone: 615-768-5041. Hours are 10am-7pm  Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday Central Standard time.



Behind the scenes with our photography crew!