FAQs Buckle and Hide Leather Smyrna, TN

1.  Can my belt buckle be changed on my belt?  

YES, your buckle may be changed easily by unsnapping the belt, slipping off the current buckle, add the new buckle, and snap back in place.  The only time this does not work is if your buckle has been stitched in place. This will be noted in the description section for the product. Mechanic belts and double pin belts must also keep the same buckle.

2.  May I have a name added to my belt?

YES, we have several styles of Name Belts to choose from.  The name is stamped in place along the back of the belt and then that part of the belt dyed to match the remainder of the belt.  Personalized belts may not be returned unless for some reason we make the error in spelling of the name.  Not all belts may have a name added, please see items listed as "Name Belt".

3.  Do you sell motorcycle riding gear such as vests, jackets, chaps and boots?

YES, we have all of these items for purchase in our local store in Smyrna, TN.  We currently do not sell riding gear online because of the high cost of shipping. Boots are only sold in our online store. 

4.  Do you have conceal carry purses and belts?

YES, we have several styles of conceal carry purses located on our website and also in our local store.  The belts that work best for carrying are located in the Heavy/Work Belt section on the website.

5. Do you carry Western and Novelty Belt Buckles?

YES, we have styles available both online and in our local shop. 

6.  Do you carry products made in the USA?

YES, we make a majority of our own belts.  Any belt made in our shop will be listed as such in the description.  Any items made in the USA will be listed as such in the description.

7.  Can I still use my pocket if I have a patch sewn on it?

We offer patch sewing in our local shop in Smyrna, TN.  A majority of the time you will have full functionality of the pocket once a patch has been sewn on.  We have a special machine that allows us to sew over pockets and keep the pocket functional.  In certain cases where the patch is over multiple pockets or runs close to the edge of the pocket, you may lose a small portion of the existing pocket to allow for stitching on the patch.  Please see Patches section under heading Apparel on the website for more information about patch sewing.

8. When can I expect my purchase to be shipped?

Buckles and other items can be expected to ship the next day. One exception is personalized items and handmade belts. These are shipped within a week except for holiday times, may be delayed so plan ahead. You will receive a shipping notification with tracking information once it has been shipped. We cannot be responsible for amount of time it takes for shipping. We do try to keep all items in stock, though sometimes the item may be out of stock. You will be notified by email or phone if this happens.

9. Are you able to put wording on the underside of the belt?

We are unable to provide this service.