• Do You Care? A Leather Care Guide

    Do You Care? -A Leather Care Guide ___________________________________ Leather items will provide years of use and comfort; but like anything else, they will last longer and perform better with care. To discuss the different types of conditioners and typical questions asked about leather care... View Post
  • Motorcycle Routes in Middle and Eastern Tennessee

    Many of our customers have motorcycles and love to ride.  Though Steve and I don't have a motorcycle, we love hearing your stories of your adventures and this blog is sharing those with others.  We have gathered your favorite routes as well as some nearby favorites from the internet through the M... View Post
  • Leather Is Timeless: 9 Benefits of Wearing Leather

    1. Breathability Leather is one of the only garments that breaths? Air passes easily through leather giving it the versatility to keep you warm or cold and regulate body heat more efficiently than other clothing options. 2. Durability   Genuine leather outlives all synthetic material and cotton ... View Post