Help! How do I choose a great leather belt?

Help! How do I choose a great leather belt?

Who knew that could be such a tough decision?!?  What color do I want, what width, what type of leather should it be? What color should I choose?

For those wanting a belt with more support, say for carrying a holster, try a 12-13 ounce leather.  We offer a single strip of 12-13 ounce leather for a nicely finished look or also you could choose a double thickness of 2-8 ounce pieces sewn together to create an extra sturdy version.

Heavy Black Work Belt       Heavy Duty Leather Belt

For a softer, more broken-in style, try water buffalo! 

Water Buffalo Leather Belt

Name, name, what's in a name?  You can have your name put on your belt!

Name Belt

Whether you are going to see the Nashville Sounds, the Titans, or watching your child play soccer at the Smyrna Rotary Park, you need a good belt to keep the pants in place. To measure the length, you should measure from the tip end of the buckle to the hole of the current belt that you most often use.  Otherwise, you may measure around your waist in your favorite pair of pants with a tape measure running through the belt loops of the pants.  The length around end to end is the length of the belt.  Please contact us if you have any other belt questions.

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