The Eagle Leather Belt

  • $ 39.00

This USA made veg-tan leather belt is approx. 1/8" thick, 1 1/2"width with no fillers to split or rip apart. The belt features a scene of a Eagles framed with a outdoors pattern  around the entire belt. The leather is comfortable from day one   Buckle is snapped on for easy buckle change. Colors may vary do to the manufacturing process. We don't make this belt but it's Buckle and Hide approved and still made in the USA. There is not a NAME option on this belt.

   * PLEASE READ and review the measuring instructions pictured with the belt to the left. The easiest way to get your size is to take your everyday belt and simply measure it according to our instructions. Your belt size IS NOT the entire length of your current belt!
   * If you don't currently have a belt put on the pants you will wear this belt with and PLEASE use a tape measure around your waist through your belt loops ..not tight...not loose, don't hold your breath, relax and that's it.
   * If you are a woman consider where on the waist you wear your belt, high on the waist, middle of your waist, etc. 
   * Kid's belts I will normally make the size on the smallest holes of the belt for growing room since kid's grow fast.
   * We DO NOT recommend using a pants size because these days they aren't reliable, and PLEASE just don't pick a random size... for ex. I think Bobby is a 36".... measure and follow the instructions. Normally our experience is, your true measurement is probably bigger than you think.