Ultimate Leather Steel Core Gun Belt... USA Made!

  • $ 89.00
If your serious about your OWB or IWB carry conceal this is what you need. Made with two layers of full grain leather with a piece of stainless steel core between the two full pieces. The Steel Core starts just past the two screw posts and ends just before the adjustment holes. It creates a super stiff gun holster belt. Made of Italian and Harness Leather, all this and it's USA made! This reinforced gun belt can carry your favorite EDC items...concealed weapon, firearm, maglite, sheath, cuff case, knife or all of the above! Sold in our local Smyrna, TN shop. Please consider your size carefully...add 2-4" if you carry IWB because of the extra room taken up by the holster! Measure your current belt with the holster IWB to be more accurate.